Is This Genocide?

Are we looking at a form of passive-aggressive genocide with the sudden decision to stop treating pain parents compassionately and instead treat them like drug abusers? What does the CDC and the deciding body believe will happen to those suffering from incomprehensible debilitating pain? (Read about that here.) My God the nickname for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is “The Suicide Disease” what do they think will happen to patients who are given no other choice. They sure don’t teach my basic approach and yet when I speak to those who have taken my approach then applied it to themselves they too found improvement in the levels of pain they are experiencing.

Ahead of My Time Peaking Before Season

In the seventh grade, I bought canvas high top LA Gear shoes. I was teased, ridiculed, and mocked about my cloth shoes… The next year, the popular girls were wearing LA Gear canvas shoes.

On popular hair cuts… The husband looks around says to me “Your hair was cut like that last year, and you cut your own hair.” Yes, it’s out there I cut my own mop, after paying a ton of money for someone else to screw it up… I cut my own thank you. 🤣

For awhile I’ve been wanting to speak up about preparedness. I didn’t want to sound like chicken little with “The Sky is Falling!” and out of fear kept quiet. But the facts are that each winter I try to talk to my offspring about emergency kits for their cars, emergency rations and supplies for the home… It annoys them, I know and I am sure they humor me much of the time. However, the older they get tho I think they might be starting to listen.

Few months back our government issued a quiet press release stating that during a regional disaster where the government needs to step in and help out, they will be delayed, slow to respond, and recommended food storages beyond the recommended 3 days to 2 weeks. I wrote a blog article discussing this and then sat on it again out of fear of ridicule. I already tout a controversial approach to managing my Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and a few other diagnoses.

I published that article the day Alaska had it’s quake. In it I recommend we look to others for inspiration like the LDS church, who at one time taught their congregation to store a year of food, per person. Well, again our government again has quietly issued a lengthy report on the possibility of grid down complications for whatever reason and the hardships projected during these “what if situations” are huge. The projection of electrical blackouts is anywhere from 3-6 months upwards of 20 years of compounded issues in any given situation be it from terrorist attacks, natural disasters locally, or simultaneously on a global scale.

These are not my ‘what if’s” but the scenarios my own government has come up with. In that there is no give up in me and I am a survivor by nature I cannot wait around and hope someone shows up to save me with the words “I am from the government and I am here to help you.” because the words “I am a doctor, take these pills they will help you.” didn’t work out so well.

The Struggle Goes On

Not sure if I really need to write anything here I think the title says it all without telling the tale. Besides negotiating the insurance claim process, holidays without family near and CRPS on a daily basis I realize I am doing myself a dis-justice not listening to the wise words of the United States Government. [I think I just choked on those words.] However, the fact remains they are telling us we need to be self-sufficient in the event of a local, regional or national emergency or disaster because they are not going to be able to respond with the same swiftness they have in the past.

This may mean we are on our own, without the ability to re-up on supplies for an extended period of time. Including medications, batteries for our pain relieving devices or the ability to charge the batteries we have. To look at what can be done to become more self-reliant in our state of chronic and debilitating illness lets take a few lessons from those who have been self-reliant during hard times most recently in our history and look at the Church of Latter Day Saints. The church encourages self-reliance, teaching to have a year’s worth of supplies, food, and medications on hand for your entire family, and animals. This by no means – means that you should round up a list and start filling it. Instead, we need to use what we store and store what we use.

Why am I discussing preparedness? Because it is something that unless we think about being self-reliant we will become victims or our own circumstances and I am done being a victim. I refuse to be a victim to CRPS, Western medicine, or Mother Nature if I can help it and the only way to do that is to help myself. That started with not eating processed foods, with the current rise in food cost because of crop failures it is time to think seriously about food storage. Right now we could go 3 months before we had to rely upon the government for food with what we currently have.

With the earthquake in Alaska today I believe I should have published this when I wrote it. Our prayers go out all of Alaska. With 40,000+ out of power and the devastation of the area during the coldest time of the year, I am sure that there are many we southerners could learn from in how to be prepared to be on your own for an extended period of time. 


It’s my party & I’ll cry if I want to…

Today is my birthday and normally I would be thinking of when I should contact my oldest child and remind her it is her father’s birthday tomorrow. Instead, I am pondering things I should not have to ponder because he is dead. Due to unforeseen circumstances, he succumb to the elements on the 21st of April this year at the age of 47.

Our life together was short, however, the fact we have a child bonded us physically for life. Then there is the reality of loving someone which never ends despite the distance and time involved, as such, I still mourn his death. I mourn for the loss of a loved one in my child and her children’s lives, his widow and their boy, their close family, and friends… [heavy sigh]

Kenehamon Schnapps

Yesterday, I made what I like to call Kenehamon Schnapps Tincture from scratch(ish). What I mean is, as with everything, I am trying to make it from as pure of ingredients as possible. This meant instead of Red Hots the recipe called for [The ingredients of Red Hots include corn syrup, sucrose, acacia, carnauba wax, confectioner’s glaze, and artificial flavors including the artificial coloring ingredient red No. 40.] to flavor and color the tincture, I used cinnamon sticks and honey to recreate the Hot Damn or Fireball flavored liquor.

To do this I steeped the broken cinnamon sticks in 200 ml of grain alcohol over a low heat, in a well-ventlated room adding alcohol as needed, for 5 hours along with 5 grams of cannabis to create a flavored concentrate. As this is a work in progress and my first attempt to create a grain alcohol tincture infusion I cut corners and bought the cinnamon flavored alcohol to add to the mixture as I didn’t want to heat all the alcohol. Next time I think I will be recreating the cinnamon liquor completely rather than buying it. That will require planning on my part and something I am not really good at, I tend to “wing it” more times than not.

Let me just say I think it smelled yummy while it was cooking, taste even better than I expected, and is quite effective. I slept like a baby after taking a shot of the concoction. As I am medication free these days sleeping well the night through is a rarity. This is new ground I am covering here both in that I am new to making extracts as I have been “old school” and simply smoked to find relief from this dreaded disease, as well as, discussing it openly. As it is we are still illegal on a federal level but state laws are changing at a local level. People are seeing first hand the benefits of the plant, understanding the science behind why it does work and finding new and better ways of ingesting the magic healing the plant offers.

All I can say at this point in time is HURRAY FOR THE ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM & a way to support it without toxic chemicals called medications!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for my husband’s ability to not feel well, not that he isn’t feeling well but that there is that luxury for him to do so. I say this because the husband, who is my entire support team, is “Down-N-Out” today and if I were where I was just a year ago in my return to a better state with my health I would have unable to step up to the plate. Instead, I have it in me to manage the house today, check in on social media, write this blog post, see to it we are fed, the fire is tended to and look after him. I do not do this without limitations of my own, however, I am able to do them none the less.

Have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend.

Duct, NO, DuCk!

Here we are a month and a half past the initial find of our unnatural natural disaster, a month since the release of the first video of the flooding and a good time to reflect upon the actual flare up I suffered in relation to this event. What you might note when first starting this next video in the disaster series is that I am hobbling down the stairs this time. That along with the brain fog clouding my judgment of my environment might not be entertaining at the time but now I am finding it kinda funny. Perspective, it is all about perspective of the journey we are taking in this lifetime. I mean what can we laugh at if we cannot laugh first at ourselves. Stay tuned for more videos to come as we’ve replaced the central heating unit and received another shocking and still fortunate find. We’ve now entertained two foundation specialist’s estimates for repairs, an insurance estimator and next in the line up I am to expect the estimator to recommend to the adjuster that the adjustor recommends an engineer assess the damages caused by the hot water tank springing a leak. Oh, what fun!


I learned about Telomeres a while back or so I thought. Actually, I heard about them years back when the HIV epidemic swept the nation when they spoke of T-cells, well, recently I learned telomeres are apart of the t-cell development and I just happened on to a video about how this individual has actually lengthened his telomeres. This means effectively he has lengthened his life taking what tested out at 37 years of age at age 34 to 20 years of age at the physical age of 37. I know who wants to lengthen their life living with CRPS.

I believe there is a connection to the telomeres and our body functioning at peak health which is what we are not doing currently and as such our bodies are failing.

How? I do not know yET. I had to stop the video in play to let this sink in at 4:56 am awakened again by cramps, electrical dysfunction through my claves and mild pain. Not enough to medicate with pills but more than I can sleep with. Anyhow, I am going to go back to the video absorb what I can and hope the new youtube algorithm will lead me down a productive rabbit-hole but when I figure this out more I will get back to you.

Gaining Control

I know I have struggled with organization all my life. Like many, I have a cluttered home. It is less than some and more than others. What hadn’t occurred to me during my struggle to find health and wellness, until today, was that I had already begun to adopt better organizational skills without realizing it. My pantry is already on the verge of minimalism. I understand being a minimalist, it isn’t about less, it is about more. More time to have for things you really need to concentrate on.

More is Less, Less is More.

OH NO! I am starting to sound like a soundbite out of George Orwell’s 1984 with my double speak. Thing is it is true, we bog ourselves down with saving every little thing, holding onto and yet never look at, touching or really enjoying any of it. Much of the time it is because the work to care for its existence along with any pain which may be associated, well, it is overwhelming and we just do not have the time or the energy to deal with it. So what do we do? We shove it into a cabinet, a box or just the corner in a heap and yet, we are constantly making room to accommodate the next emotional fix.

I’ve Got a Secret.

Though the experience is brief, it is ever so satisfying with a hit of dopamine delivering the satisfaction we are missing in our everyday lives and advertising agencies understand this. We are targeted to purchase items we don’t need, don’t use and didn’t like in the first place. Our children are so overwhelmed by the overload of choices nothing holds any special value but we all have a bunch of junk and there may be a hidden treasure but you’ve got to dig deep to find it. Keep in mind this may feel hopeless but I assure you it is not. If we have been trained to shop, so can we be untrained to shop.

What Now?

Having moved into a big house from living in a tiny space along with having a bit of a pack rat mentality – I am left with more than I want to focus on or try to keep straightened up in case someone happens to come over. With this decision, with this commitment to better living rather than just surviving, anything I haven’t worn in a year, gone. Doesn’t fit just right, gone. I don’t feel good in it, not the right color palette for my coloration, gone-gone-gone. Tossing these things into a box and set it aside for four weeks. Once four weeks has passed anything left in the box is delivered to the Goodwill, freecycled out or sold promptly. Meaning set a deadline as to when it must move or be moved-on via donation or the trash.

What’s Next?

Next, I start going through the hoard of paperwork I have to file away. Boxes move easier than file cabinets but file cabinets function better than boxes. After that, we are down to the bobbles and trinkets to assess and with less to dust, wash or pick up to vacuum I have more time for me, more time to search for answers to my questions, ponder the data, and share the resulting theories with you. That is if you are so inclined to listen. So here is my approach. Like with diet there is no one size fits all, in my opinion, we are all individuals with individual needs. That said there are some common steps we all must take to declutter our lives besides removing toxic people and chemicals from it…

Where to Start?

  1. Love it, Use it, Fix it or Lose it!
  2. If you are keeping it find it a home, now!
  3. Stop bring in more stuff! Ask yourself: Does this item add value to my life?

Good luck with your lifestyle upheaval. It doesn’t happen overnight, nor is it something we ever stop working at, it only becomes easier.

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