Update & Video on Where to Start Your Own Journey

I’m a bit overwhelmed right now… There’s more energy but also more to be done, more I want to do and more opportunity to do it.

Oh and we’ve got puppies on the way! Prepping for the delivery on top of trying to get a leg up on this CR(a)PS I got to deal with on top of all the other diagnosed and undiagnosed pain and autoimmune conditions I’ve got. I am not any different than many, many others in this world. The one difference tho is I don’t depend on someone telling me what or how to manage my care. I rely upon their recommendations and insight but I do my own foot work, I do my own research and I do my own thinking for myself.

Here is where I suggest you start your own journey to better health…

Journal Entry Star-date 20190209

Clear Sky, 5°C

And so after CRPS began seven years ago today when I fell and my life changed forever. Little did I know how very much that bruised knee would disrupt my life. Today my pain is around a 3 🙂, I’ve slept well the night before and got a nap in today. Of course I haven’t gotten out of my robe but that’s okay. I ate, I’ve socialized via online, been artistic and laughed with the hubby making this grahic…

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Journaling: January 29, 2019

Clear Sky, 37°F

I am rying something new here through my journaling app… Please be patient.

January is almost over and I need to journal more… Basically it’s been a good month. I continue to supprise myself as to how well I continue to do with improving my pain, learning to contend with it, and having some sort of a quality of a social life. Weither I am fellowshipping with neighbors, mentoring others, spending time with those close to me, or simply spending some quality time alone enjoying a hobby, watching a TEDx talk or taking a nap.

The reality of it is this… The facts speak for themselves, the proof is in the pudding, my health speaks louder than words… I could preach up a storm about what I do and how I am doing or I can show you the rising Pheonix I am as it is out of the flames of this disease from which I rise, transformed not only physically, and emotionally, but spiritually as well.

With the wise words of Confusion, not to be confused with Confucius, I leave you to ponder… “No matter where you go, there you are.”

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This time a year ago…

TMI WARNING: Turnaround, go back if you don’t like uncomfortable subjects… You’ve been warned.

This time a year ago…I was too sick and scared to share about what was happening to me as I laid in my living floor on a queen sized mattress my husband brought out for me because climbing the stairs to use the facilities and get back up them was too much for me and but not because of my CRPS. It was because of sever abdominal pain, six weeks doubled over unable to move most days. As we all know opioids cause constipation, I also have a physical impairment to my intestines that compounds the constipation issue, essential my colon is slow, retarded in action. [To those freaking out right this moment because I dare use that word… Grow up! Look up the word and use it in it’s proper context not the informal and offensive use.] Because of this impairment of function the pills and a lack of hydration did a number on my ability to live.

Figuring I just needed to poop, didn’t go to my doctor right away until I started experiencing symptoms they tell you to seek medical attention immediate if you experience. I first sought the advice of my general practitioner, who then sent me on to a specialist.

The specialist was apprehensive to do explorative test because of my age, not 50 yet. So, I got pushy because of not only the sever pain inhibiting my ability to function but the blood coming from my backside frightened the sh¡t out of me as I’ve never had anal bleeding, not even a hemorrhoid. Finally the doctor agreed, we set a date for a week out and discussed not only how to prep for the procedure but how to maintain a healthy bowl.

This is where I seriously frustrated him with my anti-chemical lifestyle, his lack of knowledge over what CRPS is and how I refuse to go backwards in my recovery turning the prognosis of continued deterioration around.

Miralax is poly(ethyelene) glycol derived from the MAIN compound found in antifreeze. I am opposed to drinking antifreeze even if it is sweet, even if in small amounts is isn’t deadly. The very action it is used to evacuate your bowels is the very process of the body attempting to rid it of the poison. Magnesiun citrate on the other hand isn’t a poison it is a mineral that is required by the body for proper function on various levels and yet… Not something they recommend even though it will help to regulate your bowels movements when taken as a supplement or purchased as a liquid for constipation it works quickly and generally without the cramping other laxatives cause. In my personal experience.

What did they discover? Pre-cancerous adenoma polups. I go back in four years, now, for a repeat of the colonoscopy as this cancer is slow growing most generally. My point here is don’t let age deter you from discovering what’s wrong, don’t allow yourself to be dissuaded from being concerned if you’re concerned and the symptoms point to the need to be concerned. Doctors are hired for a discovery of the facts, the options available, and their opinion/assessment of the facts. What they are not hired to do is decide for you what course of treatment YOU are most comfortable pursuing.

Happy New Year

Wishing one and all a very happy new year! With the new year on the horizon, I am entering this day under elevated invisible pain. Thankfully I am not inflamed or swollen and that makes pushing through the pain so much more bearable.

Pretty sure I’m figuring out what the culprit of the discomfort is, however, the discovery of how to deal with it eludes me at this juncture but I will figure this out for myself because no one will do it for me even if I pay them to because there is no profit for them in my wellness. See you next year…in 2019. 💖

Miss Ruth does try to distract me from my discomfort… https://youtu.be/dbw6_wAr_Gw

Post Holidays Update

Had a great holiday. Christmas Eve we entertained company, Christmas day I cooked the entire meal and kept the kitchen clean in the process, got a nap after dinner and started to get achy.

So, I took a pain pill rather than trusting the tincture I’ve started making myself would address the discomfort long enough to allow me some sleep. To my complete dismay my pain was relieved enough to sleep but I awoke six times in three hours I was in bed because of extreme itching. See I have a sensitivity to natural opioids, basically an allergy to the very medication prescribed to me to provided me some relief. Lolol talk about an oxymoron.

That left me awake at 3AM yesterday morning until the medication wore off some time around 7AM when I was able to finally medicate and sleep which takes another 45 minutes or so to take effect. I refuse to mix alcohol with prescriptions and I use alcohol as my extraction solvent. I suppose if I would go ahead and break it down to the Phoenix Tears form I could overt the need to wait however I don’t find the form of delivery or the residual loss of the medication palatable.

Last night I medicated with the tincture… I got a steady 3 hours before I started flip flopping about because of hip pain from the battery site. I am two years post removal and I expected to be better by now not still experiencing unfathomable pain continually.

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