So, what did you doing that has worked so well?

Besides going as organic, nonGMO as well as nontoxic in our personal care & cleaning as we possibly can be, we also use filtered water. However, there’s more…

As Candida is an issue because of the parasympathetic system’s dysfunction we regularly treat for fungal and parasitical infections. During those treatments we revisit the GAPS protocol to heal the leaky gut the standard American diet “S.A.D.” contributes to. This time because I wasn’t overly knowledgeable beforehand about certain foods and simply love others I allowed some things into my diet that trigger either pain or inflammation. So, while going through the inclusion process again I need to be mindful of lectins in food such as nightshade this time. Though it may not mean avoiding them completely after some time.

Let’s not forget the random bee venom therapy, daily mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapies & neuro-linguistic programming, magnesium, boron, sodium bicarbonate, vitamin b complex, extra natural Vit C, fermented & probiotic foods. Sounds confusing? It is but it simple at the same time…

I’m becoming a “Shade Tree Mechanic” for my body. I’m learning the bodies microbe in the gut are the code writers for the software [the brain, all organs & systems] running our hardware [the body] when the code isn’t being written properly we malfunction.

Why Not The Flu Shot?

Q: I hear this year’s flu season is grim. What is your opinion on whether or not it is safe for CRPS patients to get the flu shot?

Photo Credit: Milius007

A: As we know with CRPS Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, previously known as RSD and Causalgia, the body’s systems are disrupted from their normal function. From this disruption, we live with various afflictions a few being pain, inflammatory response, nausea, vomiting, muscular atrophy and the potential for organ failure for various reasons. According to my research, this is because the bodies flight or fight mechanism is stuck in overdrive due to a physical trauma.

Here I will not go into the theories as to why but I will discuss the how. According to research science dictates the injury we sustain triggers the onset of the condition. It is the straw that breaks the camel’s back to coin a phrase. This action as I said causes an overdrive effect where our central nervous system, our autonomic nervous system cause havoc within our bodies. Our immune system also plays a large part in how our central nervous system functions.
It is as vital that we do not disrupt our immune system because of the effect it has on our pain as it does to find methods to cope well with the pain we are in. If we don’t learn to cope our systems are sent into an imbalance which triggers a dysfunction thereby causing us pain. It is a vicious circle one issue feeding into the other.

We discuss the flu further here
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