Coming Soon!

Yes, you are so correct, I said this last year and it is this year but I can still afford to support this ad-free blog and your traffic on my blog out of my own pocket at this time. Understand there will come a point in time when I no longer can. Then and only then will I have to add affiliate links and/or ads in an effort to continue to share my journey with you and others like yourself, searching for answers the doctors were not providing. When this occurs I am confident you will assist me in helping to continue to bring to you the information you find relevant, helpful and pivotal in your life by using those links and clicking on those pay-per-click-ads. By taking a moment from your busy schedule and data usage to load the site, then do a bit of shopping – once you complete that order – you will be inadvertently helping me to help others by supporting the opportunity of others to share in my blog as I have shared it with you. Until then enjoy the ad and affiliate link-free site. I also want to thank you for your interest, your comments, feedback and most importantly for encouragement and emotional support through it all and thank you for your patience as I have grown into this role.

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