Is This Genocide?

Are we looking at a form of passive-aggressive genocide with the sudden decision to stop treating pain parents compassionately and instead treat them like drug abusers? What does the CDC and the deciding body believe will happen to those suffering from incomprehensible debilitating pain? (Read about that here.) My God the nickname for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is “The Suicide Disease” what do they think … Continue reading Is This Genocide?

Ahead of My Time Peaking Before Season

In the seventh grade, I bought canvas high top LA Gear shoes. I was teased, ridiculed, and mocked about my cloth shoes… The next year, the popular girls were wearing LA Gear canvas shoes. On popular hair cuts… The husband looks around says to me “Your hair was cut like that last year, and you cut your own hair.” Yes, it’s out there I cut … Continue reading Ahead of My Time Peaking Before Season

The Struggle Goes On

Not sure if I really need to write anything here I think the title says it all without telling the tale. Besides negotiating the insurance claim process, holidays without family near and CRPS on a daily basis I realize I am doing myself a dis-justice not listening to the wise words of the United States Government. [I think I just choked on those words.] However, … Continue reading The Struggle Goes On