Research & Panic: Do I still have hope?

Today, I stumbled upon this. HOW TO HACK THE PARASYMPATHETIC STATE I haven’t gotten any further than this… …because I’m having a panic attack listening to her describe who and where I once was and can still be found at sometimes today. Like everyone else I grab the caffine when I haven’t the energy toContinue reading “Research & Panic: Do I still have hope?”

Today’s Rant for February 20, 2019

I’m not here looking to please people, I’m here to share with you what I’ve learned, what I’ve experienced, and my opinion about it all. I’m a straight forward, to the point kind of person. It my opinion that’s gotten me to where I am at today and I am done knowingly poisoning myself withContinue reading “Today’s Rant for February 20, 2019”

Update & Video on Where to Start Your Own Journey

I’m a bit overwhelmed right now… There’s more energy but also more to be done, more I want to do and more opportunity to do it. Oh and we’ve got puppies on the way! Prepping for the delivery on top of trying to get a leg up on this CR(a)PS I got to deal withContinue reading “Update & Video on Where to Start Your Own Journey”