In 1995, I began my career in the healthcare field as a Nursing Assistant, receiving my training and certification through the first facility I worked for. There I gained training not only in basic nursing care but worked one on one with patients requiring rehabilitation for injuries or illness to return home once able. In July of 1997, my husband’s mother passed and as events as these tend to do, it led to a re-evaluation of priorities and we choose to afford the luxury of my leaving the workforce to be a full-time stay at home mom while our children were young.

It was then in 2003 when I returned to full-time work and once again sought out the care industry. I recertified my nursing assistant licensure and after a brief period of becoming reacquainted with the routine of a CNA, I was transferred to the Special Care Unit. Then when an opening presented itself in the physical therapy department I applied for the Restorative Nursing Assistant position was when I truly found my passion, restorative therapies.

In February of 2012, I fell on the job and bruised the soft tissue of my left knee. In a moments notice, I became the patient I had been serving throughout the years in need of constant assistance to complete even my most basic Activities-of-Daily-Living due to sudden, unpredictable, inflammation of my feet and legs, burning, stabbing, dull, aching pain, severe and intense with no relief. My life has never been the same.

Life for me became a battle of wills between myself and the newly acquired autoimmune, neurological, dysautonomic disease, called Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome. I struggled through doctors throwing treatment and pill after pill at me for four years before a written diagnosis ever manifested. I firmly believe had I not agreed to the spinal cord stimulator (the SCS) I would still be fighting for more answers rather than the path I have ultimately taken.

My experiences with the SCS, as well as the spinal cortical injections, were less than desirable, in fact, I’d go so far as to say they were counterproductive for me. My doctor was not listening to me nor was he attempting to answer my questions. In no way do I believe my doctor I ended up with was trying to heal me. There was one doctor early in my treatment who commented to me once that “carbs caused inflammation”. Not that they were THE CAUSE but that they contribute to the underlying cause.

After having come to a place in my treatment where there were no more viable alternatives, I reminded myself it was my responsibility, not the experts and specialists, to be in control of my treatment based on the recommendations of the experts. I decided to take my care into my own hands with the basic nursing and physical therapy training I had right along with everything I could get my hands upon in an effort to educate myself I began by changing my diet and any chemical exposure from my personal environment and I saw results.

Because I had to start somewhere and if carbs can cause inflammation I questioned what other items I was exposed to could be causing symptoms to flare. I soon found myself tumbling down a rabbit hole. With one question leading to another and another and… well, you get the idea. As time has passed not only have there been studies and a few “EUREKA” moments from the medical community to support my theory but my own improved state of being does as well. What I have accomplished by myself without the direction or recommendation from any doctor continues to work better and with more consistent results than anything else recommended by my attending physician(s).

Join me here and on YouTube as I continue to venture forward, as I learn and discover, and as I make mistakes. I look forward to having the energy to document this progression as I look back and wish I’d have been able to document my progress up until now for comparison. Instead, I remind myself I can not go back only forward.

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